Country: Cyprus
CINTECH SOLUTIONS LTD is s a leading service provider for companies that are operating in engineering, transport, defence, information technologies, communications, environment and renewable energy sectors. We deliver a comprehensive range of engineering, operations, software development and project management services internationally.
With resources and expertise in a vast range of fields, we build relationships with clients that are characterised by flexibility, adaptability and desire to meet and exceed expectations.
The scope of our work ranges from small projects through to multi-million euros large demonstration projects and services contracts. We strongly value relationship contracting and are a reliable, trusted business partner.
The professionals at CINTECH include project managers, engineers, economists, and financial analysts. Our team has extensive significant experience in all facets of the modern industry and market. We are employee-owned and independent, which gives our clients the confidence that our team is motivated to satisfy their needs and represent their interests.
CINTECH will be involved in WP8 “Business Opportunities – Cascade Funding”. CINTECH will be responsible for the preparation and the dissemination activities regarding the open calls and will also participate in the final selection and contracting of the selected open calls. Finally, CINTECH will contribute to the overall dissemination, communication and exploitation of the INTERRFACE project, bringing the business uptake aspect.