Country: Finland
Empower IM Oy is an independent service provider whose main business domain is in energy market services and systems. We provide a wide range of different flexible energy market services and IT-solutions to our customers. Our services can be divided into three different categories: Energy market services, Smart Grid Solutions and Energy Sector IT Systems. In addition to the services, we build and provide IT-systems in the fields of Customer Information Management, Energy Data Management and Energy Management. These are also used and developed as cloud services to cover needs of distributed customers. We are part of the Empower Group which is owned by AAC Capital Holding together with the acting management. Development in the company is led by Jan Segerstam who has been developing energy domain business models, processes and operation models for many years within the Nordic and European energy domain for example with the Finnish Energy Industries, Eurelectric and Nordic development groups.
We develop our expertise of electricity markets and knowledge of the energy business domain constantly, so that we can provide solutions that not only fit customer needs, but take the domain further in realizing overarching goals in the energy transition. This allows our customers to focus on improving their own competitive edge while gaining access to cutting edge technology and future-proof processes. We have participated in several EU research and innovation projects as well as several National Finnish research and innovation projects. 
In the INTERRFACE project, Empower IM will be participating in market design tasks, information model work and developing the pan-European concept and marketplace functionality for enabling optimum allocation of resources based on market incentives. In the demonstration phase we will enable flexible resources to be connected to the market and to be operated based on market information. Empower IM will also enable local reporting and settlement of flexible resources based on market results.