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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Horizon2020 PLATOON project in cooperation with the OPEN DEI initiative is organizing a conference on Data sharing and governance for Energy applicants on 23 September.

The event has been conceived as an opportunity to facilitate interaction, mutual knowledge and exchange of best practices and lessons learned among a number of H2020 projects specifically focused in providing added value to energy stakeholders through efficient data sharing, processing and analysis. 

The conference will be structured into three sessions:

  • Opening session: with representatives from the Basque Government and the European Commission, who will set the context for the event
  • Technical sessions: with keynote speakers providing valuable insights on the technological challenges for energy data sharing and the ongoing initiatives to make it possible
  • Projects and pilots in energy data sharing: with representatives from the H2020 projects involved in OPEN DEI Energy domain, who will present their activity and discuss around the needs and challenges that they are facing in order to create a common ground for data sharing in the energy sector.

In the latter one INTERRFACE - as a member of OPEN DEI - will be represented by the project coordinator George Boultadakis (European Dynamics).

For more info and registration, click here.