Country: Spain
The Loyola University Andalusia (LUA, Universidad Loyola Andalucía in Spanish) is a young university with two campuses sited in Seville and Cordoba, Spain. Despite the fact that LOY was formally founded in 2011, it stems from the School of Economics and Business Sciences, which dates from 1963. A depository of the best Jesuit educational tradition, the LUA is a Research University with excellent education and research levels in the fields of technologies and social sciences, which has fostered the implementation of more than 20 programs covering bachelor, master, and PhD degrees. The Jesuit identity integrates LUA within a network of over 230 educational and research institutions, all over the world, with an unequivocal trajectory and prestige.
The LOY combines several departments to conduct cutting-edge multidisciplinary research projects in the fields of modern power systems, energy storage, computational intelligence and market economy. Actively engaged in research, the LUA currently works in 9 international research projects and in 16 national research projects. In the area of power systems, the Department of Engineering counts on a strong background in the analysis and control of distributed power systems, virtual power plants integrating energy storage, multi-terminal HVDC, and advanced controllers for complex systems. Moreover, there is a division dedicated to conduct basic research on innovative energy storage technologies. In the area of computational intelligence, the Department of Quantitative Methods is specialized on big-data analytics, predictive models, intelligent computing and artificial intelligence. The Department of Economy from its part has a solid experience in markets, accounting regulations, natural resources and regional economy, and rural development.  
The multidisciplinary personality of the LOY’s research team fits well the highly challenging requirements of the INTERRFACE project, providing a multidisciplinary team with front-line capacities for contributing in the analysis and control of modern power systems; optimization, monitoring and control of distributed systems; market, demand, resource, and grid short-term and long-term forecasting for predictive control; intelligent computing and artificial intelligence for energy management in distributed power systems; big-data analysis and statistical and economic models of distribution and transmission systems; electrical markets analysis and regulatory policies.
LOY will be the leader of a demonstration project in the Bulgarian electricity network and will provide effort in the analysis assessment and big data algorithms formulation.