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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

INTERRFACE helps connect the dots between all parties across the entire electricity value chain through the design of an Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA). Acting as an interface between transmission and distribution network operators, it introduces standardised ways of market operation, service design and procurement - states the recent article on the website of European Commission's project database, Cordis.

The article examines INTERRFACE under a microscope, looking into the four core functions of the IEGSA platform - the flexibility register, the TSO-DSO coordination unit, the Single Market Interface and the Settlement Unit and discusses the additional value it could bring to the European energy transition.

“Digitalisation facilitates the coordination and active system management in the electricity grid, enabling transmission and distribution network operators to optimise the use of distributed resources and ensure a cost-effective and reliable electricity flow" - recites the article George Boultadakis, project coordinator of INTERRAFACE.

Read the full article here.