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Thursday, February 6, 2020


The first plenary meeting of INTERRFACE took place in Budapest, Hungary. During the two-day event all of our 9 Work Package leaders presented their progress and had constructive discussions on the next steps planned for the second year of the project.

More than 70 representatives of our 42 consortium partners were present which raised a perfect momentum to further elaborate design and services of the core of our project, the IEGSA architecture. This will be the common platform between TSOs, DSOs and prosumers. According to the timeline presented during the plenary meeting, the prototype of IEGSA will be ready by the end of the second year of the project.


The first version of this architecture will play a key role in all our 7 demos, including 9 different countries. Through these actions our aim is to develop a platform, which will be used as a middleware among different, already existing platforms and to provide interoperable data exchange services in order to foster cooperation between TSOs, DSOs and prosumers, and to enable flexibility sources to reach markets for balancing and congestion management on the grid.

The plenary meeting was hosted by one of our Hungarian partners, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.