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Thursday, February 13, 2020


European Commission organized its second workshop on 'Future of Flexibility Markets and TSO-DSO cooperation' in Burssels. On the event Dagmar Ilp (Elering) and Jan Segerstam (Empower) represented INTERRFACE.

In her presentation Dagmar Ilp described the valuess of the Single Flexibility Platform, which is the core of our Nordic-Baltic demo involving Finland, Estonia and Latvia. This platform will integrate flexibility resources on local, DSO and TSO levels to a marketplace that will allow valuation of these resources based on the needs of the different grid levels and market participants. In addition to that, this platform will be part of the IEGSA architecture, which is the main goal of project INTERRFACE.


During this demo, business use cases will be tested and demonstrated in the following areas:

a) Congestion management (From TSO / DSO side)

b) Frequency / Balance management (in TSO side, including mFRR, aFRR, FCR products and demonstration in cross-border usage)

c) Flexible grid connectors (where both contracts and technical feasibility will be demonstrated)

d) Trading between interested market participants (e.g. BRPs, prosumers)

In his presentation Jan Segerstam presented the market architecture and information exchange concepts that are enabling our Nordic-Baltic demo to implement scalable uptake of flexibility across different networks and market participants. The concept is a part of the IEGSA architecture being developed together by all partners of the INTERRFACE project.