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Friday, October 15, 2021

IEGSA (the Interoperable pan-European Grid Service Architecture) – the core product of the INTERRFACE project - was fully implemented in 3 of the 7 demo sites of the project while its first prototype is deployed in the fourth one as well.

Given the complexity and the differences between each of the demo sites, the integration of the architecture to more than half of them is a huge accomplishment for the project. Not only it ensures sufficient time to pilot the IEGSA in various environments at the remaining 14 months of the project, but also it provides valuable experience for the deployment of the architecture in the rest of the demos and for the planned further improvements.

IEGSA aims to act as the interface between the power system (TSO and DSO) and the customers and to allow a seamless and coordinated operation of all stakeholders to use and procure common services. This state-of-the-art digital platform provides new opportunities for electricity market participation and engage consumers into the INTERRFACE proposed market structures which are designed to exploit Distributed Energy Resources.

The next powerful and much more advanced release of the IEGSA is already underway and is planned to be integrated in our Nordic-Baltic demo site including Finland, Latvia and Estonia which will conclude during the Autumn of 2021.

We are really excited that this new IEGSA release will coincide with the onboarding of the Flexibility Service Providers and the initiation of piloting the architecture at the broadest scope foreseen – involving all the INTERRFACE project demo sites from Nordic-Baltic countries through Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to Greece.