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Friday, February 26, 2021

INTERRFACE organised its first Flexibility Solutions webinar in order to give an overview of the project results of its first two years and also to give the floor to other Horizon2020 project which are tackling similar  issues. The online event was attended by almost 180 people and the questions from the audience showed a great interest into the topic.

From INTERRFACE side Nikos Bilidis (European Dynamics) presented the Interoperable pan-European Grid Service Architecture (IEGSA) which is the core of the project. The architecture is no longer only a concept as the first version was released just days before the webinar. The structure of IEGSA is based on the results of the market design and service analysis conducted by our Work Package 3 which was presented by WP leader Pierre Mann (RWTH Aachen University). Interoperable data exchange is key for IEGSA and so is the implemebtation of the Common Information Model as the leader of the task Milen Kostov (ENTSO-E) presented. The platform will be tested in all our seven demo areas. First it is deployed in the Nordic-Baltic demo which was represented by WP leader Dagmar Ilp (Elering). In additon, our Osimo city demo leader Gabriele Comodi (Universita Politecnica delle Marche) presented the role IEGSA will play in local flexibilty facilitation on DSO level.

The first INTERRFACE Flexibility Solutions webinar gave the floor to Ercole de Luca the coordinator of the Harmonized Electricity Market Role Model task in the BRIDGE project community in which members of the INTERRFACE consortium contributed. During the "Horizon2020 prject zone" part of the event CoordiNet, Eu-SysFlex and OneNet projects presented their results and visions.

To watch the webinar, take a look the video: