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Date: Friday, May 27, 2022

Facilitating coordination among TSOs, DSOs and customers - this is the main goal of the Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA), which is the core development of the INTERRFACE project - told project coordinator Nikos Bilidis (Eruopean Dynamics) to the newest episode of Enlit Podcast.

Nikos Bilidis added, “in a nutshell, the project is an open architecture for sharing data among all participants in the electricity system value chain, from local to European level”.

For INTERRFACE, the emphasis is on the European level and its peculiarities. So, how possible is the creation of a pan European grid architecture to be applied? “Yes, it is possible,” says Nikos “but of course, there are certain restrictions to take into consideration”.

“The importance does not lie on the technologies themselves, but in the way they can collaborate and be coordinated.”

This is why the team of the INTERRFACE project “tried to develop a platform that would be as modular as possible and to develop a system that would follow a plug and play manner”, adds Nikos. And that was made by design.