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Monday, September 16, 2019

Many discussions, various angles, hard work and cooperative atmosphere – these were the main characteristics of the 2-day workshop, during which members of INTERRFACE consortium tried to optimize their work between working groups and demos.

In the workshop – hosted by ENTSO-E in Brussels 11-12 September – three out of seven demos presented their expected added value to our common platform called IEGSA. The Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture is the core of project INTERRFACE, as this platform will serve as an interface between the power system (transmission and distribution system operators) and consumers.

This workshop was an important milestone for the project. On one hand it helped to define the future functions and structure of the IEGSA platform, while on the other it showed those areas where members of the consortium need to work closer together. Both findings are necessary in the rookie year of this 48-month long project in order to achieve a platform, which will eventually help the industry in a seamless energy transition by allowing more renewables into the power system and providing flexibility options.