26 Feb 2021

INTERRFACE organised its first Flexibility Solutions webinar in order to give an overview of the project results of its first two years and also to give the floor to other Horizon2020 project...Read more

30 Oct 2020

The newest member of the Hoizon2020 family OneNet had its kick-off meeting to officially start the project. It's an important step for INTERRFACE as OneNet was built mainly on our outcomes besides...Read more

28 Oct 2020

The prototype of a blockchain-based online flexibility platform (eFLEX) is now ready for network operators, flexibility service providers and prosumers to participate and trade...Read more

1 Jul 2020

An online debate on data interoprability in energy systems took place on 1st July. The webinar was organized by our partner, the Florence School of Regulation and the debate was based on their new...Read more

30 Jun 2020

There is a strong need to increase transparency and interoperability in the European energy system, bring the consumer to the center and create new business opportunities - said George Boultadakis...Read more

12 Jun 2020

BRIDGE initiative published the newest edition of its brochure....Read more