Country: Finland
Tampere University of Technology (TUT) conducts scientific research in technology and architecture and provides the highest education within these fields. Since 2010 it has operated in the form of a foundation. At TUT, there are about 10,000 under- and post-graduate students, incl. 1300 international students, and over 160 professors. TUT with a total annual income of 167 M€ is with a research intensive university, pioneer in technology transfer and an acknowledged cooperation partner among the scientific community and business life. In 2013, TUT obtained 73% of its total research expenses, 73 M€, as external funding. TUT has a 50 year track-record in collaborative research with the industry. At TUT the share of company funding for research is twice than the average at other Finnish universities. Since nearly 30 years TUT is shareholder of a company specialized in technology transfer and open innovation promotion. TUT co-funds the TUTLI programme offering flexible and fast environment for evaluating and developing research results into business. TUT’s Research Services supports research groups with legal, financial and administrative issues in EU projects.
Developed concepts and management mechanisms will be simulated prior to demonstrations by hardware and software-in-the-loop real-time digital simulation environment consisting of RTDS (power system simulator), distribution automation devices and systems, and communication emulator. Smart grid laboratory is a unique combination of real-time testing capabilities with commercial and research products. In this way the demonstration in field may be started very smoothly and demonstration period is used very efficiently.

Also the technology concept, platform and functionalities for real-time distribution grid congestion management developed within IDE4L project are available for further development. TUT’s role is to define and develop active network management concept and solutions for integrated flexibility service market mainly from DSO’s viewpoint. Development of technical solutions and validation mechanisms for grid management by utilizing flexibility service products of flexibility market would be the key topic for TUT. TUT will participate in demonstrations with its smart grid laboratory in cooperation with other partners in the demonstration.