The proposed D4G Insight application aims at completing the gap of current TSO & DSO control room SCADA environments to scale up in terms of volumes of DER end points and real-time data management.
The rapid development of distributed energy resources due to the accelerated electrification of Prosumer environments - whether related to Heat Pump, EV bi-directional charging as well as distributed PV – as well as the fast growing TSO-DSO System operator needs for flexibility through balancing and congestion management processes require to improve DER observability at the edge of energy systems and rethink how to best interconnect new Prosumer IoT sensor and smart meter environments with legacy TSO-DSO control room environments.

Current SCADA technologies have shown significant cost bottlenecks in their capability to integrate open Gridedge IoT interfaces while at the same time Prosumers are seeking new environments to benchmark and analyze their flexibility through real-time.

The technology selected for the design of the D4G Insights platform leverages highly scalable hybrid Cloud based opensource environments as deployed through the internet industry – known as Kafka – to ensure unlimited real-time data orchestration across actors of the TSODSO- FSP & DER owner value chain. It furthermore leverages all the efforts done so far by the consortium to define standardized data structures and architectures and proposes connectivity across platforms through CIM based APIs.

Once the Minimal Viable version of the platform has been demonstrated through the project, Digital4Grids aims at proposing the platform to TSO & DSOs to expand and scale their control room environments and enable new flexibility orchestration at the edge of their system. We therefore expect the platform to be multisided, as for most internet platforms today, providing improved Prosumer data observability across TSO & DSOs on one side while offering further insights to Prosumers and ensuring portability of their energy data across IoT sensors and Smart metering platforms on the other side.

For more details, please consult with the project presentation.