5 Jul 2022

ISGAN Virtual Learning organized a webinar on the findings of three and a half years experience on European R&I projects: INTERRFACE and CoordiNet.

These projects have...Read more

29 Jun 2022

The signature event of ENTSO-E and E.DSO will be organized on 2 days in 2022.

On 14 June, the organizers gave floor for research and innovation projects, on which...Read more

10 May 2022

Portuguese DSO and INTERRFACE project partner E-REDES held its annual event, subtitled "The real progress along the...Read more

17 Mar 2022

OPEN DEI project - of which INTERRFACE is a member - is organizing an event to promote upcoming Open Calls around the Horizon 2020 projects and to give the floor to selected innovators who are...Read more

25 Feb 2022

The second edition of the INTERRFACE Flexibility Solutions webinar is now over! In this event we focused on how new solutions can connect the consumers to the power system through unlocking their...Read more

3 Feb 2022

The 9th Slovenian Annual Forum on Energy Regulation took place on 3 February, in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

INTERRFACE project was presented by Tine Marčič (...Read more