Peer-reviewed Publications:

Welcoming New Entrants into European Electricity Markets

Tim Schittekatte, Valerie Reif, Leonardo Meeus
MDPI - 2021 July


Mid-term operational planning of pre-installed voltage regulators in distribution networks

Mehdi Attar, Sami Repo, Omid Homaee, Pierluigi Siano

Elesevier - International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems Vol. 133, 2021 December


The regulatory framework for independent aggregators

Tim Schittekatte, Vincent Nicolas Alain Deschamps, Leonardo Meeus

Elsevier - The Electricity Journal Vol. 34 Issue 6., 2021 July


Revisiting the impact of energy prices on economic growth: Lessons learned from the European Union

Athanasios S. Dagoumas, Michael L. Polemis, Simoni-Eleni Soursou

Elsevier Vol. 66, 2020 June


Survey Analysis on Existing Tools and Services for Grid and Market Stakeholders and Requirements to Improve TSO/DSO Coordination

M. Al-Saadi, R. Pestana, R. Pastor, G. Glória, A. Egorov, F. Reis, T. Simão

IEEE Xplore, 2020 February


Flexibility markets: Q&A with project pioneers

T. Schittekatte, L. Meeus

Utilities Policy, 2020 April


Using IEC CIM standards and SOA Technology for Coordinated Voltage Control Application

Shengye Lu, Sami Repo, Mikko Salmenperä, Jari Seppälä, Hannu Koivisto

IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe, 2019


Master Thesis:

Definition of flexibility products for multilateral electricity markets

Taneli Leiskamoão

Aalto University, School of Electrical Engineering


Distribution system congestion management through market mechanism

M. Attar

TREPO Tampere University, 2019


Other Scientific Publications:

The EU Electricity Network Codes (2020 edition)

Tim Schittekatte, Valerie Reif, Leonardo Meeus

Italy, 2020


Energy transition in the Romanian power system

Ioannis Panapakidis, Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis, Athanasios S. Dagoumas

UPEC virtual conference, Itlay, 2020


Impacts of electricity market clearing algorithms on electricity generation Mixes

Ioannis Panapakidis, Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis, Athanasios S. Dagoumas

ICEEE Conference, Turkey, 2020


Short-term photovoltaics generation forecasting using a deep learning architecture

Nikolaos E. Koltsaklis, Ioannis Panapakidis, Athanasios S. Dagoumas

ICEEE Conference, Turkey, 2020


Local P2P energy market concept with dynamic system tariffs for INTERRFACE project

Gábor Mihály Péter, István Vököny

HEEP Conference Hungary, 2020


New wholesale market with flexibility services

István Vököny, Bálint Hartmann, Dániel Divényi, Péter Sőrés, Beáta Polgári

HEEP Conference Hungary, 2019



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