1 Jul 2020

Reaching and maintaining the interoperability of energy services in Europe is a complex challenge. However, previous experiences with interoperability exist in the electricity and the healthcare...Read more

30 Jun 2020

The annual appointment on European innovation in power networks, the InnoGrid conference, co-organised by the European Distribution...Read more

3 Jun 2020

The aim of the webinar was to share information on the use of flexibility, market structure and the enabling platforms from the perspective of the INTERRFACE project and its Finnish parties. In...Read more

22 Nov 2019

Our partner TSO in Latvia, AST held its the regular stakeholder engagement event on November 22 in Riga, where project INTERRFACE and its Nordic-Baltic demo was presentated.Read more

8 Oct 2019

Our Finnish partner TSO Fingrid held a stakeholder event dedicated to project INTERRFACE in Helsinki.Read more

21 May 2019

On 13 May 2019, EU-SysFlex organised the joint Horizon2020 workshop: TSO-DSO cooperation in flexibility market integration where also INTERRFACE was present.Read more