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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Although REPowerEU is a new initiative, and INTERRFACE had started a few years ago, its concept is very relevant to the objectives of REPowerEU - told Nikos Bilidis (European Dynamics), project coordinator of the INTETTFACE in an interview to the Smart Energy International portal.

In the interview, our project coordinator went through many of the project experiences during the 4-year span of INTERRFACE and the challenges the project partners were facing. "The project results show, that each national power system has its own distinct characteristics, such as flexibility portfolio, ancillary services and markets maturity, grid interconnections and constrains, etc. It is therefore necessary to implement consistent rules and strategies at the European level in order to maximise the effectiveness of flexibility provision while recognising the local needs and conditions across Europe" - Bilidis told to the media outlet on the occasion of the upcoming presence of INTERRFACE at the Enlit Europe smart energy fair and conference.


The project coordinator highlighted also the main results of INTERRFACE, focusing on the core of the project, the Interoperable pan-European Grid Services Architecture (IEGSA), which aims to connect in a seamless, harmoized way the TSOs, DSOs and prosumers in order to enable flexibility sources to be procured by the system operators. "The IEGSA platform is the main facilitator of this coordination as it offers the space where all actors can securely communicate and exchange data" - he added.

Nikos Bilidis raised the attention to the point that the end of the project doesn't mean the end of all what has been achiveed throughout the 4 years of operation. "INTERRFACE is now publishing a roadmap addressing the scalability and replicability considerations for IEGSA in order to pave the way to the markets and to more commercial exploitation"- he emphasized.

The full interview can be read on the original website, and for more information, register to attend INTERRFACE's Final Event physically in Brussels or to connect online.