Country: Slovenia
ELES is an integral part of the Slovenian electrical power industry. The company’s headquarters are located in Hajdrihova 2, 1000 Ljubljana, and other 14 business units are located all across Slovenia. As the system operator of the Slovenia’s transmission network, ELES preserves the balance between generated and consumed power, 24 hours per day, year in, year out. Ensuring that electricity is continually on hand to all is an onerous task, which the company performs admirably. Established and owned by the state and upholding the standards of a contemporarily organized enterprise, ELES, with its 530 employees and state-of-the-art technology, stands side-by-side with Europe’s most advanced transmission system operators. ELES endeavors to plan, construct and maintain Slovenia’s transmission network strategically, responsibly and sustainably. However, by managing the entire Slovenian Transmission network, ELES ensures the safe, reliable and continuous transmission of electrical power. As system operator of the transmission network, all of the company’s mandated and regulated public service activities are financed from grid fees. ELES is aware that its system, when necessary, encroaches upon the environment and life; ELES however, such is achieved prudently following the principles of sustainable development of social and natural milleu. Hence, the company establishes the bonds of mutual trust carefully, balancing its respects for the natural environment and social responsibility with its actions in accordance with applicable law. 

ELES will contribute in the Demo area “Peer-to-peer trading”, especially in “Asset-enabled local markets” to provide data for the IACMS, to participate in the testing of transactions, to specify demonstration scenarios and to analyze results.

ELES will also be involved in the Demo Area “Pan-EU clearing market”, especially in the “Spatial Aggregation of Local Flexibility” to provide an interpreted flexibility product definition and provide data for confirmation and make the method testable. Demo specification is a task for ELES and the result analysis will bring high added value.