Technical Coordinator
Country: Greece
The University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC) was founded in 1989 as part of the University that offers administration and legal support to basic and applied research, carried out by the staff of the University of Piraeus, in national and international contexts. The high quality of research and consulting work carried out to-date by the UPRC has led to a large volume of collaborations either in international frameworks (e.g., EU-funded projects) or undertaken on behalf of large domestic companies, institutions and Ministries.
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The Energy and Environmental Policy Laboratory (E2PL) of the University of Piraeus is the research entity within the University of Piraeus that will carry out the research for the project. The E2PL was established in 2016, within the Department of International and European Studies of the School of Economics, Business and International Studies. The E2PL, through its robust modelling capability skills and the multi-disciplinary expertise of its staff, produces high quality, independent research in energy and environmental policy issues. It specialized in energy markets, energy-economy-environment (E3) modelling, environmental assessments and decisions making in energy and environmental policy issues. It elaborates research projects with the business, industry and energy sectors and disseminates its research work through international scientific journals, conferences, books and its own working paper series. The Energy and Environmental The E2PL main research activity focuses on the following areas:
– Modelling the Energy Markets and Energy Systems
– Energy and Environmental Regulation
– Energy and Environmental Policy
– Climate Change & Environmental Impact Assessments
UPRC will serve as the INTERRFACE Technical Manager (Dr. Lambros Ekonomou) contributing to the management of the research, which will ensure a strong consistency between the scientific and technical WPs (WP1). As WP7 leader will coordinate the pilots’ deployment, demonstration and evaluation in the Demo Area 3 (pan-EU clearing market). Furthermore UPRC will develop a prototype and scenarios simulator for wholesale and retail market integration, incorporating demand and RES forecasting, The prototype, which will be a discrete pilot of the project, will be developed for the integrated wholesale and retail market in South East Europe, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. It will provide the mathematical formulation for wholesale and retail market integration, considering the active participation of demand and RES generation in electricity market. Moreover it will provide recommendations facility for system operators (TSOs, DSOs) to give incentives to consumers, prosumers, storage, DER and flexibility service providers to participate in integrated wholesale and retail markets and to provide energy services in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner. Finally UPRC will contribute to the exploitation and dissemination strategy and activities of INTERRFACE.